With strong focus on equity and inclusion, UNICEF in Bhutan works to strengthen quality and coverage of maternal and newborn care services, address micronutrient deficiencies and expanding water and sanitation services and health and hygiene promotion especially in primary schools and religious institutes through its health, nutrition and sanitation programme. Our quality education programme which focuses on increasing retention and completion rates by improving the quality of primary education and ensuring equal access for all children. It also supports the increase of developmental readiness of young children for school and provides a second chance to education for out-of-school young people through non-formal education. Child protection, adolescent & youth programme works towards creating an enabling environment for the protection and participation of children and youth, especially the most vulnerable and excluded, to ensure their development, wellbeing and happiness. We work towards effective planning, monitoring and communication for results based evaluation and analysis for advocacy and promotion of behavioural and social change communication.

Your support for any of our core programmes areas will contribute towards achieving results for children, youth and women in Bhutan. We will be happy to share proposals and funding sheets for our programmatic needs.

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