Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme is a vital component for securing accomplishments in Health. Without clean water, proper sanitation and key hygiene practices at home and in schools, it is difficult for people to maintain good health. UNICEF’s WASH activities focus on achieving universal access to clean water and sanitation facilities and on improving hygiene promotion in schools, especially primary schools and in monastic institutions, including nunneries.

Since 2000, UNICEF has focused its support to provide quality water and sanitation facilities to schools through the Ministry of Education. UNICEF also provides assistance to the government through technical design of water supply schemes and supports capacity building to ensure quality and maintenance of existing facilities. It supports environmentally sustainable solutions for water supply such as rainwater harvesting and has partnered with the government in training school health coordinators and water caretakers on how to operate and maintain water and sanitation facilities.

UNICEF has been supporting religious institutions since the 1990s through the Central Monastic Body’s Religion and Health Project. Together we promote personal health and hygiene, realizing the need of child monks and nuns and recognizing the positive impact that such approaches will bring. UNICEF supports the monastic schools with building water and sanitation facilities, and hygiene promotion activities and trainings.

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