Bhutan is located in one of the most seismically active zones of the world and is vulnerable to earthquakes along with other disasters including glacial lake outburst floods and fires.

UNICEF is a key partner for the government of Bhutan during emergencies, where women and children are the most affected. UNICEF supports the reconstruction of schools and helps provide education, health, and water and sanitation facilities for children stranded in clustered areas. In doing so, UNICEF works to apply the principle of ‘building back better’ to help create stronger, more resilient communities in the future.

Despite significant progress in promoting through the education in emergencies initiative, much work remains to educate children and communities on emergency preparedness. UNICEF will continue to support the education of children to keep themselves and their families and communities safe during emergencies. UNICEF is also now supporting partners to develop psychosocial support tools for children affected by emergencies.

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